About Tanith and Ben

Tanith and Ben
Tanith and Ben at the pub (as we commonly are)

When we’re at home, you can reach us by emailing:

Ben is 34 and from a small town called Congleton, nearish to Manchester (no it’s not a made up place, you can even Google it and everything) and Tanith is 28 from Hednesford near Cannock in the West Midlands.

We’re both marketing folks and we met at work – Ben’s old job, Tanith’s current.

We both work hard during the week and like to cut loose at the weekend, and this generally means we’re always looking for things to do.

Whether it be something as little as going for a long walk at a country park (yes, we’re proud National Trust members) or popping over to Europe for a city break, this blog chronicles our weekend adventures together.

Hopefully it provides a little weekend inspiration for any like-minded people out there who are looking for things to do.

If nothing else, it’ll serve as a repository of happy memories that we can look back on when we’re grey and old!

About What to do at the Weekend.com

Our blog is 100% genuine and based on our own experiences – this means our views are our own.

We both share blog writing duties – we typically add each of our perspectives to the pieces that we write.

It keeps things interesting as we both can have pretty different opinions on things!

It is important to note that we don’t get paid for this and we aren’t part of any affiliate programs currently.

We aim to post every Wednesday, so that you have time to plan for the weekend. But, we both have busy full-time jobs during the week, so bear with us if we haven’t updated the blog for a wee bit.